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Lyme Disease and Me
My name is Denise. I live in New Bedford, Massachusetts and I've been diagnosed with Lyme Disease.
This is my story.
Part 2

On Monday, June 21, 1999, I was scheduled to see my first Lyme Literate Doctor. Fuzzy Brain here mixed up the appointment time, so I had to re-schedule for Friday, June 25, 1999.
Peter M. Mc Kay
Gender: Male
Primary Specialty: Internal Medicine
Primary Office Address: Harwich East Plaza Rts 137 & 39, Harwich, MA 02645
Phone Number: (508) 430-1220


Friday came and my daughter Amy, my son-in-law Chris, and my granddaughter Allie (Thank you to all three of you.) picked me up for the one and a half hour ride out. In I walked with my medical history of all the errors made both by the hospital and the attending physicians so far. First Snag: Nurse refused to copy medical paperwork. They don't make copies she says. Fine, I told her, then you aren't getting them because these are the only copy I have!
I finally went into the exam room and when the Doc walked in, I told him he had been recommended as a Lyme Literate Doctor. His eyebrow went up and I explained the term. Then he smiled.
I also explained my history and that my current neurologist had me on four weeks of antibiotics and suggested I see him in six months. I explained how sure I was that I have Lyme Disease and that four weeks of antibiotics is definitely not enough.
He was at first convinced that I'd had a stroke because I told him the Bell's Palsy (face paralysis) only affected one side of my face. I then handed him my medical records and he realized the Bell's Palsy had affected both sides of my face. (Lymie Brain here didn't remember that.) That was the clincher for him. I had already matched most of the other symptoms for Lyme Disease and this was the final confirmation.
He confirmed I have Lyme Disease and placed me on 30 more days of IV antibiotics. I have an appointment to return to him on Tuesday, July 27, 1999, and at that time, we will have the only relatively certain test for Lyme Disease done: the LUAT test. From that test, he can determine if all the spirochetes are gone or if we need to continue with the IV antibiotics.
I sat there with tears in my eyes and I wanted to jump up and hug him. I have found a real Lyme Literate Doctor and no, I'm not crazy, I have Lyme Disease.
Oh, LOL, and the Doctor made the nurse copy all of my medical records, hehehehehehe.

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